Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week ending 5/3/2013 - Comission and Personal update

Well, I picked up the following comissions that I will hopefully put a dent in this week. All of these have compelx blending and painting requirments. They are all wanting GW book style crispness, which I can do but it takes a little longer than my "drity south" style of dark and weathered painting. In order -

1) a Shadowseer with the checked mardis gras style painting
2) a Dark Eldar baron on a skateboard
---Line Hillighting and OSL (going to do this one in NMM (non-metal metallics)
3) Eldrad
---Custom Staff and OSL

I will post up the final pictures, this weekend, as of this evening i will be digging in. And dont forget me, i put these together last night and will be going up on the paint bench next week along with the next 20 damonettes needing love and finishing up the 3 seeker chariots. I was also surprised by the mail man as he delivered what mught be my last bits purchase from spikey bits, 2 sets of hive tyrant wings..

FW Thirster

FW Mamon, or Nurgle Prince

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