Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First round hybrids

A couple days ago I completed the first 5 Acolytes.  The last couple highlight layers went faster than I expected.  I am happy the way flesh tones all turned out.  I really like the "classic" genestealer colors.  Here they are

Overall enjoy the look of the unit.  I can't wait to see the whole 15 man unit.

The yellow cabling helps pull the green out of the carapace and differentiate blue skin tone.  

At this point I am not sure if I can get another 5 knocked out this month.  I have work travel this month and will only have 2 weeks.  I have doubts working with the large color palette that I will get them complete.   

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Well how far did they get...

The genesteelers went really fast.  I debated on taking a week off to increase the gaming time, but I wanted to start painting up the GSC Acolyte hybrids. Since this was the first time I was painting codex color genesteelers, I got started right away.  In the end I am glad I did, I repainted the genesteeler carapace 3 times before I got the effect I was looking for.  It also showed that the Kraken color pallet was very quick to paint.  The Acolytes have a much larger pallet, about 3 times as many colors are being used.  The paint time for the unit is much longer with the Acolytes.

The major colors are all on and have the first layer of highlight.  The arm carapace is done, I like the outcome of this version.  I am thinking the flares/grenades will be red with yellow highlights.  It should bring "pop" points to the model.  I am also going with the overall Hivecult color scheme from the GSC codex.  Since I have over 30 to paint.  I am thinking 15 with this skin tones, then do another 15 with the Hive fleet Kraken colors.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Who is this? Whats your operating number?

Well its here, the mid point of the month.  This is the part where I report the models are about half done.  

BAM! Done!  That's right, its not a trick the next 5 man is done. I hit the same hurdle, that first layer of skin highlights.  When I got to that point, I did about 1.5 guys in a sitting.  Same for the second layer of highlights.  Had a couple good nights behind the brush and knocked this group out.  Below is a mix of the 5 completed guys and 2 from the first group.  Hopefully you cant tell which is which.

close ups of 2 recent guys

Up next I think I am going to switch gears.  Even though there are 5 guys left in unit to bring it to 15 man.  I think I am going to start some of the GSC hybrids.  I have 15 - 30 to paint up, depending on which list I play.  I think I am going to go with the Cult of the hivemind colors.  The red should pull the nids and cult together as an army.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Did I make it?

Well its a tough question actually, mainly since its a week into February, lol.  Alas I did make it.  In fact the group was done on jan 28th.  At this point you have to take my word on it.

Here is a single model.  The skin tone matches the termaguants really well.  I also went with the light blue colorization on the backs to tie in to the rest of the army.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Well its mid month, a bit late, but close.  Progress, well not the best.   Santa happened leave a GSC army in my stocking... so most of the bugs got shelved.  I did however want to keep working with a detachment of them.  So I am running a mix of GSC  I hit a spot painting the first highlight on the skin.  The first couple of guys seemed to bog down the process.  So I took a few days off from the brushes.  Came back to it and got the skin ready for final highlights and the carapace a couple layers up.  Are they 50% , not exactly probably about 40%.  Crunch time, can't miss the first month.  ON the up side the patriarch has followed along with the steelers.  As each guy is highlighted I do a limb on it.

Genesteelers are still bugs right?  When you bringing 40 of them... yeah still a swarm of bugs.

Skin and armor highlights are still needed.  Then claws and facial details.