Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Skarbrand at 80% and Chaos Decimator started

I had posted dome pics up at dakka and gotten some good ratings and questions about my skarbrand conversion recently. Although the original pics were him at about 50% completions i wanted to add some pics now at the 80% completion level.

He has Flashing LEDs, a clear base for the lights to flash through and was built off a Balrog Model. The one axe came from a toy and the other one was made out of green stuff. The shoulder pads was also made out of greenstuff. I am still looking for a nice pentagram to replace the current one i didnt spend much time on but made just to see how it would look.

Colors - Khone red base, mephiston red layer, wild ryder layer, evil suns layer, with a final troll orage hi-light. The tounge is a turquois with a nice sky blue hi-light with a guilliman blue glaze. The entire body has been glazed with blood letter.

Whats left? - Chains will be added as well as finishing his skull belt and feet. Maybe another touch on his tattered wings.

Finally I started on my Forgeworl Decimator.


  1. The Highlighting on Skarbrand looks great and really brings out the layering!!! Fantastic job. And dang it!!! if your painting your decimator tonight you should stop over and I will begin my hell drake!!! LOL. I still want to see how you blend your armour plating! haha

  2. if you want to come over come on down for an hour or so, we can get a layered color scheme for your heldrake. I still got to finish my third heldrake. Its not too hard just time consuming. I got to get in a nap and pack for adepticon. I find it funny we are using the blog for communication yet you work upstairs from me lol. Wither way, thanks for the kind words, you know how difficult it is to paint some stuff and make it look nice, so yeah i appreciate it.