Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So what has Jonsey been up to?

Im really confused, as you may know, i have about 4k points in blood angels(90% fully painted), 5 k points in primed tyranids(primed only 0% painted) i shelfed after i put them together, and about 4k in sisters(about 3% painted 100% primed and based) that i picked up new in the box from an estate sale.

The 6th edition has made me even more undecisive, in what playstyle i like best and the allies has allowed me to sample and see more different types of armies on the field.

So whats happened? I really like the boost the eldar have given my blood angels. the eldar (40% painted 100% primed) are so unique and small errors in decisions end up going really bad. But my gosh i love the look of the models. I know have about 3k points in eldar. WTF right?

So then i think where do i go? To me it is equally fun to paint the model as it is to play. So i will continue to collect pieces of different armies with the ally rule to try them out, before i settle on a main army to follow.

without further adieu here are some recent pics from the paint lab...