Monday, September 24, 2012

Building a better hobby space

So, about a year ago I bought my first home. Also around this time I started working as a staff accountant at Lorain County Community College. Between moving, renovating, settling into a new job, and continuing my education, building and painting my 40K army got pushed to the side. The few times during the last year that I have been able to spend time on the hobby, I've done my work on the dining room table. Taking things out and cleaning up was killing about an hour of my time. Also, having models and paints strewn across the dining room table was starting to get on my woman's nerves. To her credit, Lexi has never complained and always been supportive of the hobby, but I could tell it bothered her.

August 15th marked one year in the house and exactly one model finished in that time, a single rhino APC. I needed to make a change. The house is small and all of the ground floor is being utilized currently. I do however, have a large walk out basement that until now has been a catchall storage area and a place to do laundry. Most of the space is unused. This will be my hobby cave! Right now it's dirty, full of cobwebs, and smells, well, like a basement. There will be quite a bit of work to do cleaning, building walls, painting, and so on. My goal is to have a comfortable space that is dedicated to a hobby bench, a small display area, and a full size game table. Over the next few months I'll be posting pictures with a blurb about how things are coming along. I'm really excited about having someplace in the house that I can go to, listen to music, and just work on my armies. I think Lexi is excited to have all the 40K stuff out of her hair too! I'll get a pic up of the current state of the spot soon.

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