Monday, August 27, 2012

Dark Angels Have arrived?!?! 0_o

 Ok so with the new DA vs Chaos starter box comming.
My Girlfriend has decided to join me in the painting
Modelling aspect of the game. I picked up a little
paintset that came with 7 paints and 5 dark angels
(35.00) set not to bad. and Without any of my help
She went to work. Told her which colors were which
(as the guide was written prior to new paints)
And about 3 hours later she brought me this!!!
Now yes it does have some touch up work (some paint bleed)
but for her first model (even assembly) is great!!!
So I will have a surprise for her (Hopefully soon)
As I will be Hoping to order her the limited edition starter!
She says she enjoys painting (might not play) but she likes painting. So I Just wanted to give you all a look at the hobby being passed to others. (even if she doesn't bring the fear of the emporer through Dark Angel hands), at least she paints!!!

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