Monday, September 24, 2012

Get in the Game Painting Presents: Blood Angel Terminators Part 2

Okay so here is the finished squad. My 1st fully painted unit in 15 years of playing. Sad. So Sad. But this was all done following my Part 1 quick tutorial. So it isnt that hard to get a decent table top look with quick results. Yes there are some areas I need to fix, Hindsight being that you see it once it is done. But all and All a good unit for the table.

Just a few more glimpses at the small details and shading done on the unit. I used Ushabi Bone (really likeing this color after washed for the skull/bone affects)

And A site you don't ever really let your opponent see (unless you have just been shot by Railguns) is the Baby got Back pose. Still looks decent from most table tops and will be suitable for my first unti to be posted on ebay. Shame to watch them go. But will keep my painting drive up know that all this can be done with about 2 hours a model. Which isn't too bad. Questions/Comments as always welcome!!!



  1. I have held these in my hand and the picture dont do them justice. These are Gorgeous.

  2. With how high people are on 2+ armor now these guys should sell quickly. Once you start making money hand over fist we can talk about my fee for handling your taxes and setting you up as an LLC and filing your IRS Form 8832. lol.