Monday, June 17, 2013

Origins RTT Tourney Columbus

Origins RTT 6/15/2013   

Went to Origins with my tuned Daemon list to go 3-0. This is the list that was used.

Bloodthirster x1 greater x1exalted
Herald of Khorne – Juggy and two lesser axes
Herald of Khorne – Juggy and Portalglyff
Herald of Nurgle – Loci of FNP
Herald of Tzeench – Disk and ML3

10 damonettes
10 damonettes
17 plaguebearers
17 pink horrors
15 fleshhounds
3 sould grinders of tzeench, flamer, flamer phlem

Game one was against a tau/eldar unit with three riptides. I played ignore the riptides and rand dogs and grinders right into his face. The guys was a good player but made the tactical error of bunching his troops up on the objectives to allow me to walk across the field and barbeque the masses with str6 ap4 flamers. The game ended at the top of four reaching the time limit.

Game 2 – vs. IG
Played a Chimera full list with a lot of heavy weapons team and a 50 man blob. The dogs with the heralds got in to combat turn one and began wiping up the 50 man blob. Deamons got 1st blood turn one with a combo of phlem and torrent fire. The goal was to kill his troops as the mission was the relic. Grinders screened the relic and plague bearers with relentless ran to the relic.  The following turns consisted of me maneuvering for linebreaker and slay the warlord. The game should have ended with 4 minutes left, but my opponent was adamant with playing his 4 mins of turn 5, He massed shots on the plague bearers and the game was ended with the relic unclaimed.
MINOR Victory 2-0

Game 3 vs CSM
He took groups of Plague marines oblits a helldrake, two blight drones and a set of forge fiends.
Grinders rolled up for a turn two assault on the mauler fiends. Dogs assaulted turn two a group of 7 man plague marines. Dogs consolidated and ran for the aegis line. Turn 3 helldrake came in and the horrors killed the helldrake. Turn 3 the dogs assaulted the 10 man plague marine squad behind the aegis. He counter assaulted with a deamon prince on the back sides of the dogs and issued a challenge. The herald sitting at a 2+ laughed off his attacks for two rounds while the dogs continued to chew through marines. The game ended with me holding all objectives, linebreaker, only losing first blood to a great opponent.

Finally when all was said and done there were 6-7 with 3-0 records so it went down to painting. Not being able to win two awards, I was slotted for the potential of paining or best general (painting plus battle score). I walked away with best general and a nice new storm talon.
The event was well ran, but I think that 2k points for a 2 hour time limit was a little rough. I don’t know of many that made it all the way through their games, so it required quick thinking. I sat my watch in front of me on all the games and kept a close eye on the time.

On the way home I got a super great surprise. Calvin had purchased a daemon prince from ultra forge (the new one) and presented me with it to begin construction on his skarbrand conversion. I was excited to see this model in person and was chomping at the bit to begin. The bigger surprise was he pulled out 1 more out of the box and said this one is for you, thanks for all you do. That’s is paying it forward in 40k. thanks bro.

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