Monday, June 17, 2013

Friday nights games (game 7 and 10 were played)

Friday night seem my daemons list match up against Wayne's "chicken and Waffles" list , and in game 10 was against Arthur's IG list "Too Hott" (read why i nick named it this later)

Game 7: Chicken and Waffles anyone???
This game was fun. to a point LOL. Wayne is a great opponent. we both were helping each other out with moves and rules. In the end the necrons take the relic, first blood, and slay the warlord ofr a total of 21 points. I only took his warlord down, and failed about 30 psychic tests the whole game. all being rolls of 11 as I never took perils of the warp, with LD 10 units/casters!!!!

Winner: Wayne 21
Daemons: 7 (slay the warlord we both took)

Had a blast no matter what. One day wayne I will learn how to beat that army. LOL

Game 10: Too Hott IG of arthur.
Was a another game of the relic. which for a mech unit of guard hiding behind the aegis, the speed and the 2++ of the horror unit (forewarning and grimoired ALL GAME) proved to be to much to pull off the relic. tossing screamers turn one into his deployment zone giving me first blood due to turbo boost (i went second which allowed me to get that far down the table) and he had no choice but to unload all tanks into my lord of change, and screamer units allowing my horror's free reign to shoot at leasure.
Arthur on the other hand during one turn of his shooting, trying to kill my screamers, killed 4 of his own plasma gunners from gets hot!. So he had his misfortune with dice all night. Same as my own dice failed me against wayne. One the league is done. I would be down for a remath anytime.

Did learn that my list is ok, though still needs tweaking. Enjoyed both games and generals that I
faced. Thanks to both of you.


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