Monday, June 3, 2013

Game 7. Vs Dark Angels (Skipped due to Real Life scheduling)

Ok all first of all, no pictures for this one (completely forget the digital cam at home sorry all). So here it goes.

MIssion: emporers will (to me the worst 6th edition book mission. turns into a game of hold the line!)
As that was primary, secondary was First Blood, and tertiary was Line breaker.

My list was fairly usual. Great Unclean One (GUO), herald of slaanesh, 2 heralds of nurgle, 1 herald of tzeentch. Full unit of screamers, full unit or Khorne Dogs, 10 man unit of daemonettes, 3 units of plague bearers, i unit of nurglings, Soul Grinder, and an aegis line with a com station.

The DA General took, Azreal with a termie unit in a Raider, and bikes. Bikes, and More Bikes.

Deployment was a DLT mission from 5th edition, Crossed Lines. So he deploys on my table edge and I deploy on his. Meaning our reserves would come on from behind deployment. Weird I know.

DA take first turn and kill 4 daemonettes from shooting. the raider was positioned to screen with its AV 14 for some bikes.

Daemones turn 1, moved dogs up left flank to stop reserves from entering on that table edge due to base size blocking. nurglins move into cover, and PB's move up as well. The screamers move 12" with their herald who case prescience on them, and forewarning. Then they only need 9" to make the charge and make contact with the raider!. Exchanging their base attacks for their "str 5 Melta" hit the raider explodes making azreal and his termies hop out, thus awarding me First Blood.

Turn 2 seen azreal enter cover to take the objective from the plaguebearers and nurglings. The bikes spread and engage the dogs and start to wipe them out (easily even without the hit and run). the screamers take a ton of shooting and then in the assault phase go down, as they were not grimoired, and taking shots from 3 units, and assault from 3 units is devastating.

My Turn 2 was entered disheartened as my MVP for the 1st 3 games is already gone off the table. But GUO has Warp Beacon as the Warlord trait, and then with the comm station PB's with icon and intrument come in and pull in the other PB unit with the same load out, and grab the grinder. All Deepstrike center of table behind bikes. The GUO shoot with his warp Breath upgrade and kills 2 bikers, the grinder shoots his torrent flame and takes out the Standard of Devastation (my 1st goal) so SAlvo is gone for the DA Boltguns. Made my Daemons take a breath of fresh air(with warp dust none the less).

Skip forward to turn 5 (as only thing that happened was bikes shooting charging and daemons dyeing) the last ditch effort to secure victory was to kill a terminator that was within 3" of primary objective. I failed to do so (forgetting some rules) but I can't believe the number of saves Jasonwas making with his Terminator! He made atleast 35 in the last round alone!.

Score was
DA: 14
Daemons: 7

Hats off to Jason as we always have close and exciting games. Using rules we normally don't use (him hit and run missed, and myself deepstriking as I normally don't)

Thanks again Jason for a great game man!

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