Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Ultraforge Daemon (Future Skarbrand)

Got to work on this one last night and let me say wow. I have never seen a kit lock together so solidly that there were no gaps to be seen anywhere. The amount of flash to clean resulted in two small areas, one on the wings and one around the crest of the head. Wow, what a cleanly made kit from UltraForge. Te base is made from baked Super Sculptey and cork. There are a few skulls from secret weapon minaitures "Bag o' skulls."

The base was masked off after a round of Primer grey and a khone symbol was cut into the tape. Miniatire innards (red) and pumpkin orange were airbushed on before the tape was removed.

From there mechanicus gray and white were added to bring out the sharp edges of the basing. Finally, a glaze of purple and red were used to warm up the coloring of the base before a small dap of skull white was used to bring back some hillights.

Well ill be painting him  for a couple days to make him worthy of a centerpiece in my friend revitalized daemon army. Look for him making his debut appearance at a table near you.

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