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Game 4: "Dark Side of the Moon"

Arden's Deployment of the Walking dead.
Great Game thanks to Arden B.!!! Game ended after 7 FULL turns!!!! Mission was the Relic, with Hammer and Anvil Deployment, MIssion Modifier was Eclipse which FORCES Night Fighting on turns 3 & 4. Primary Objective was Relic worth 7 pts to the General who captured it. Secondary was First Blood worth 4 pts. and Tertiary was Hold the Line worth 4 pts to the person who had the most scoring units in his deployment zone. I won the roll and chose to go second (as I had no Air units, and wanted the last player turn for this mission. which proved pivotal)

My Deployment of my 3 Lord Army (yes took a Fortress)
 Start off with the Results:
Primary: Chaos Daemons (10pts)
Secondary: Chaos Marines (7 pts)
Tertiary: Chaos Daemons (4 pts)
Start of Turn 2 seen Both Drakes come in
 Daemons win 14-7
 How did we get there???

Arden and the Walking Dead (135 zombies), Kharn, and Typhus. 2 5 man plague marines with plasmas, 3 oblit units (2 each), and 2 drakes!!! Very tough list for anyone. Deploys first and I fail to take the initiative.

My List was, A herald of Nurgle on a palquinn with a greater weapon, and FNP upgrade, attached to 13 plaguebearers with another herald attached that had the Virulence upgrade. (unit built for fighting in melee with 2+ wounding a leader causing instant death, and FNP!) never saw combat, I had a herald of tzeentch on a disc with grimoire, and 3 divination spells which were precognition, prescience, and misfortune (Never hit anything as his deny the witch was on fire!) an 11 man pink horror unit hiding in the middle section of the fortress to get a 3+ cover save in hopes to shoot their spell out of it (flcikering fire) which no CSM ever got close enough. 10 daemonettes on the battlements to fire the 4 heavy bolters, (killing 3 zombies whole game)

Start of Turn 3 the Vector Striking continues
had a second unit of 10 man plague bearers to hide on the battlements with another herald of Nurgle to fire the T-linked icarus Lascannon (only ever doing one HP to a drake, and one wound to a oblit across the field!!!!) A soul grinder of nurgle with phlegm bombard (no kills, no skyfire hits dies turn 3 giving up 1st blood) had 2 full units of screamers (9 man) one attached to the tzeentch herald for hopeful 3++ with re-rolling 1's (side note forgot to use grimoire after turn 3 and only lost 4 bases all game) and finally a herald of slaanesh on a steed attached to a 16 man unit of seekers with the Heartseeker upgrade on one. Battle report now.

Arden takes first turn as I do not steal (and didn't want to). he only moves some oblits with Typus up the "close long table edge in the pictures above or his right side of deployment) he shoots with oblits trying to hit the grinder and what seekers he could with Templates. doing one hull point with a pen to the Grinder, but was a 1 on the d6 (+2 for AP1) making it a 3. daemonic resilance on a vehicle means I ignore results 1-3 on damage table on a d6 roll of 2+ which i make so only a hull point gone (3 left). Templates (plasma cannons) remove 6 seekers (khorne dog proxies) leaving a gap in that unit :(. his shooting done.
 I move everything up. the two screamer units setup for a "screen" in front of the relic turbo boosting to get there and granting a 4+ jink save. soul grinder moves up not hurting anything as he is scared to show his effectiveness. Seekers move up not in charge range as his walking dead did not move up. SO i move them to prepare assault next turn. plague bearer unit moves closer to relic. and portal glyph from herald on lascannon lands no major shooting, no melee either.

Turn 2: Drakes show up. No vector striking (glad they didn't get one) interceptor missis (herald cries) Arden moves the dead forward. all 3 groups sloth forward 6". oblits don't move. Oblits and drakes focus on the seeker BLOB, and leave 10 total standing, hearld, heartseeker, and 8 seekers (50% left of unit almost), one oblit unit takes out the soul grinder granting first blood to the Chaos Marines. (wasted 180pts. oh well) . Plague Zombies Assault the front screamer unit. which proved to be to much for them as they only did one wound which was saved due to the tzeentch re-rolls of 1's. Screamers in return kill about 14.
My side seen the nurgle bearers miss the relic by one inch (so yet another turn to stand there looking at a shiny thing out of reach)Portal Glyph spawns a 3 man unit of pink horrors (only unit for the whole game it spawned). Seekers Counter Charge the Engaged Zombies and try to help the screamers, second unit of screamers with the herald on a disc turbo-boost over the far zombie unit and due 2 wounds (FNP Saves made like crazy against 14 wounds!!!! Nice job Arden). Seekers make the charge, Herald at Init 7 decemates his kill zone (4 models) as he hits on 3's with re-rolls (him and his unit due to beguilement) and wounds on 2's at STR 5 AP2 due to greather etherblade. the Heartseeker accepts the challange from the champion, and kills him at initiative 5, rest of unit moves up and ends up only leaving 4 zombies for the screamers to attack (killed about 15 zombies from seekers alone) the screamers only kill 3 leaving 1 zombie tieing up both units in the center!!! which worked out for me to not get shot up.

Turn 3: Drakes Vector and Flame the plague bearer unit near table center, reducing them down to 5 models after all shooting (including oblits assistance). melee sees the final zombie dyeing and my consolidation setting up a big charge next turn against kharn and his zombie unit (about 20 strong).
 My turn 3: bearers grab relic (and hope to "hide" walking back with it. Tzeentch herald on disc and screamers move then charge far zombie unit, seekers and other screamers end up charging Kharn and Zombies. Tzeentch herald and screamers end up killing 14, and only taking 1 wound in return. the seekers end up wounding kharn 2 times (heartseeker killing plague zombie champion in challenge), and the screamers follow up leaving kharn and 1 zombie in combat. and losing 2 seekers. (leaving 6 seekers, and heartseeker and Herald).

Turn 4 drakes vector units on the battlements, and the portal glyph, typhus moves to join the assault with Kharn. and plague marines finally lurch forward. Kharn ends up killing the heartseeker, and the herald of slaanesh makes quick work of the 2 zombies, the seekers then at initiative five move to work on tyhpus unit (stupid move) as the 6 seekers are reduced to 3 after this fight phase, and this leaves the screamers un engaged after Ardens turn 4 due to Kharn TURNING himself into a spawn after killing the heartseeker.

What happens for the rest of the game is weak screamer unit ties up plague marines for 2 more turns, Herald on Disc and his unit wipe zombies, and areduce a marine unit down to its sergeant in two turns, the plague bearers with the relic make it to the fortress front wall, daemonettes jump down to help secure, having 4 models in base contact with the relic seen the PB's (plaguebearers) being taken out including both heralds (mainly due to drake flamers) and on the end of turn 7 (i take last turn) the 6 remaining daemonettes in the unit pick the relic up at the end of their movement phase!!!

Once again Congrats to Arden for a fantastic game 4!!!! WE both went in to this game at 2-0 in our division!!!! and this was a well fought battle of SLOW AND PURPOSEFUL units really diong their jobs!. his drakes I could do nothing against, the Fortress was wasted I feel, and the 290 points i spent on it i think would have been better spent on the Great Unclean One! For Arden his MVP's had to either be Tyhpus for just walking and killing a path through the seeker blob, or his drakes which kept me biting my nails in hopes for saves against his flames!!!  I think my fast attack choices tieing his units up for so long is what gave me the advantage though, being able to almost destroy half a zombie mob each fight sub-phase reduced his chances in melee greatly. Great Game!!! If we meet in the playoff's Arden, it will be another great night of Kharn-age again!!!


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