Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Skarbrand Who?

So, Skarbrand. One of those Warhammer 40k Monsters that’s never had a model.  I wanted to do this model for sometime as I find the creativity they offer to the modeler based on the fluff is the fun part.
Although it’s about 70% complete I will discuss what has been done.

Parts –
Lots of green stuff
1 toy axe
Plasticard (for making a second axe, and a clear top base)
1 balrog LOTR model (metal model)
2 60 mm bases
Bits of wood chunks from the garden
Green citadel glade grass
Bits of army builder grass
Evans trains LED kit (welding with flashers)
Heat shrink tubing
Dremel tool (drill bilt and cutting will
I started with the base. I took the top 60 mm and cut a window in it. I applied plasitcard and masked  off my clear window. From there I begin wiring the LEDs in the bottom 60 mm base facing the clear window, mounting the switch on the side. Using bits of wood from the garden I began placing the pieces in a fashion to build up the base and disguise the use of two bases, making it look like one base. From there it got the army painted black primer. I assembled the Balrog and began to go to work.  Being a metal model it required lots of green stuff to seal not the gaps, but huge gaping holes between all the joints. Due to the drying time this put me down a day.
The base stones were painted grey followed by a boaab black wash. After drying , I drybrushed  a lighter grey followed by white highlights on the stones. I then used scenic glue to begin basing the flock around the stones. Note I still had the clear window masked off.
Placing Barlog on the base I began looking for was to make him look like the skarbrand. First I cut his flaming sword off and began looking for axe alternatives. Due to his size, I used a toy axe for one hand and built a 4 headed monstrous axe for the other side.
Painting Skarbrand – He will get a similar treatment to my skulltake (80%) complete)
In sequence
Khorne red
Old dark red wash from GW
Mestiphon red
Wild rider red
Orange highlights
Blood letter Red glaze
Orange highlights

That’s just for the body, this job takes a long time but worthy of a centerpiece on the table…

Till completion, Cheers!

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