Saturday, July 28, 2012

Well played, GW

GW's inclusion of Allies has been on my mind way too much lately.  Since my main armies don't play well together, I somehow came to the conclusion that I needed another army that could ally with both.  Also - whatever I bought would have to be painted  yellow.  No idea why.

Enter the Eldar.  I bought a starter army from a guy on Dakka Dakka, but I know myself too well - I am sure I will be expanding this with more stuff in the future.  Good job GW.  Way to convince me I have a need to buy even more plastic army dudes...not to mention objective markers and special dice.

This is the beginning paint scheme:
Krylon Fusion White to Prime
Watered down layers of Yriel Yellow (GW) to Cover
Thinned down Gory Red (Game Color) and Devlan Mud (old GW) as a wash
Dry brushed yellow and white.


  1. i know how you feel. I have feel in love again with conversions. Expect ro see the most awesome dreadnought know to exist by the end of the weekend. Kitbashed and grenstuffed ftw.

  2. Nice. Don't see much Yellow cald armour these days!. Be interesting to see what you place on the field as I have thought of some other types of lists to try with MY "proxied" eldar lists of allies.
    There are some models I do wish to pick up though. :)