Saturday, July 28, 2012

Well played, GW

GW's inclusion of Allies has been on my mind way too much lately.  Since my main armies don't play well together, I somehow came to the conclusion that I needed another army that could ally with both.  Also - whatever I bought would have to be painted  yellow.  No idea why.

Enter the Eldar.  I bought a starter army from a guy on Dakka Dakka, but I know myself too well - I am sure I will be expanding this with more stuff in the future.  Good job GW.  Way to convince me I have a need to buy even more plastic army dudes...not to mention objective markers and special dice.

This is the beginning paint scheme:
Krylon Fusion White to Prime
Watered down layers of Yriel Yellow (GW) to Cover
Thinned down Gory Red (Game Color) and Devlan Mud (old GW) as a wash
Dry brushed yellow and white.