Friday, July 6, 2012

A New Dark Look for my Tau

My poor cutting matte
Okay all, I got tired of the tan/green of the basic Tau. So I decided to go with a colour scheme that will go with the fluff I am working on also.
My New Tau are from Korst'la (deathbringer) planet.
This is a planet that the Death Weaver's brun from the Orcish Hands of Warlord Knug'slok. Simple paint scheme, This is also my first "real" attempt at blending the new citidel paints. The red has 3 layers, and highlight. I will be using helmet colour as squad differentiation. I still need to do the finer points on this model Like grass alittle of his corpse base, and his pack pack and other lights, perhaps may paint his gun, Havn't had any good colors come to mind for the gun though. I will not paint it silver, as I think the Tau are more advanced than using metal for weapons. I may actually go back and paint his Pulse Carbine as tan, to show their weapons origination. But don't know. I will also do squad markings in each squads helmet colour. Just a quick post to show what has been coming "slowly" across my hobby desk.
BTW: The Korst'La Tau get their 1st 6th edition Game in tonight. I will post the Battle report later or tomorrow.

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  1. As i said when i seen it in person, that is some great work brother, i dig it.