Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mephiston 3 hours from boxed to 90% complete

How long should speed painting take? How long should an above avg tabletop painting take?
Why not combine the two. In a race to go to bed at 10pm last night, i took Mephiston out of the package. I really like pewter models, they just feel more, well like pewter.
I spent about 5 minutes gobbing some Black gesso on it and went to subway. Black gesso or gesso of any color is my favorite for small painting qualities or when i cant use army painter or GW spray for a base coat. just throw it on, dont be afraid to go it on and cover of the fine details because as it dries it tightens up like a jimmy hat.
I got home and started work on the color scheme. I had what i wanted to do in mind. Tip one. Lay out the colors in order from the largest use to the hillights. It helps speed the process. First Scab Red on the robes. Then started with a GW kindleflame dry to pop the high areas out on the robes. Then i took some crimsonburg shade to the low areas. Them some Bobab Black to the more recesses areas. Then whatelse, Mephiston Red to start pulling out the robe. I spent about 20-30 minutes on the robe.
then i started on the gold. Most of (90%) of this model was done with a 0004 Wargaming brush. I dipped the brush continually in my fresh water pot as to keep the paint as then as possible. The gold i used was Vellajio Gold. Their metallic just cant be beat. From their i did a quick flame job on the plasma gun with GW paints followed by a nice dark gw green hillight around the edges.

For the power cords i been working with some color chaging nail poilsh and airbrush paints. I still need to do some hillighting on the sword.

The back of the robe and the bottom was a quick design i sketched on paper. Finnaly i placed a little taint of a chaos backpack because it looked fitting. With applying paint with such a samll brush and a fan going not stop to speed up painting time (cut it off if you wet blend) i worked on a small cobble stone etched with the blood angel symbol.

i still have to do popping hillights but i hop you like it.

start to finish about 3 hours.

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  1. Looks good man! Can't wait to play against him!