Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I guess that kid is me

Chris asked us to contribute to the blog.  I've never done that before (hell - I don't even like to use Facebook), but I thought I'd at least give it a try.  One thing I've learned is that I will need to get my wife to teach me how to transfer pictures from the good digital camera, because it was a real pain trying to get a decent close-up shot with my Blackberry.

So, Matt was over at my house last weekend (he plays 40K as well - Eldar and Dark Eldar).  I had just bought an old box of minis from someone whose kid had never gotten into the hobby, although he had painted a few of the models.

Some of the models were Kroot, and the kid had painted them with blood dripping off the end of the bayonets on their rifles.  Matt said, "I don't know why kids feel the need to paint bloody weapons on every single model".

I looked over at my Dark Eldar army and shook my head.

When I started building this army, I decided I was going to try to have fun with it - make some interesting conversions and poke fun at my opponents.  Matt's Eldar are still the army that I struggle with the most.  Win or lose, I can always count on them to be aggravating....Doom, Fortune, Reserving everything....they just never let me have a fair fight.  Of course, back then I was playing my Dark Eldar like my Marines, and always losing because I hadn't yet embraced the true Eldar values of the unfair fight!  

I started by making a Dire Avenger into the Figurehead of my HQ's Raider. I bought a single minifigure from an Ebay Store called Black Dagger Games  It was a really simple conversion.  The legs didn't need any adjustment at all; I just had to create a slightly greater bend in his arms to make the positioning look less forced.  Oh - and I glued a hook to his chest and painted lots of blood....just like that kid.

More later.....