Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pro-Painted?!?!?! for $50.00???

Normally I don't point out flaws!!!
But I had to on this one. I am not anywhere near a pro painter, but this itself is going to make me find (in my heaps of marines) a librarian and paint it up. I am sorry for this person to place this on a (auction site) and ask for 50.00 for a single metal model that has (alsmot) no shading affect to it what so ever, and the fact that with the blending and even basic INK washing of a model the out come would eclipse this one. Basic Green base. the Bright Orange on the lightning bolt??? also note the plain white eyes on this model and if he is a psyker he has nothing to show for it other than the blue armour. He looks blind and not full of "power" I do like how ever the back pad modification. Is nice, however would be better with a banner on it.
My libby once found wil be posted up on here also.