Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A big update is coming. With the 6th edition looming for a saturday arrival in my hands, my excitment level is growing. I have a alot of stuff on the workbench. Forge world assualt troops are being build, FW preists are ready to join Brother Corbulo and the Sisters of battle are all laid out getting their rock bluff basing done. Over the next month i should have the 4,000+ points of my Death Weavers complete, and about half of the SOB complete and ready for the fall league. Not to mention i been cranking out my scenery for my table in my downtime. I started looking at it and im cranking out about 30 hours a week painting and converting.

4-5 hours a night, 6 days a week.

On another note, the imfamous art scale terminators should be in this week. they will be bit bashed with the chaos standard troops and the chaos terminators sitting on my work desk.

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