Thursday, June 28, 2012

Okay all... I know our league is coming to a close for this qtr ? or half? don't know which yet. LOL but with the last two games in site for most of us. We are all greedily awaiting our hands on 6th edition rules. This will most likely bring about a few army changes in our Fall league. Much to anything I will not be playing my BA (Flesh Tearers) army this fall. I will stick with the Tau just to add diversification to the league. Winning never very much mattered to me (with playing Tau) I am just glad to bring a different army to make everyone else not get "locked" into playing power armour armies every week. So with that being said Be on the lookout for some updates to my new Paint scheme, and to my new units being played (doubt I will sink the money into FW stuff) I will be playing straight from the codex. Though if I do order form FW it would be an XV9 LOL
Best wishes on the games ahead.

For the Greater Good...

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