Saturday, July 29, 2017

An July is in the bag

... and miracles happen.  I finished the July unit.  Yes I missed last Fridays post, and technically this Fridays post, I spent the time finishing up the guants.  This completes my first unit of guants, only a 10 man, its still complete.  I have my Tervigon summoning unit.  I am really happy with the way they turned out.  Not sure whats next, I can start to work on the warriors that I started this month, or maybe get a big bug painted up.  The Tervigon has a pretty good base coat on it.  The previous owner of the collection had started him.  There is always room for more genestealers...

The initial pic is of the paint bench group.  The 5 guys from July and the 2 I kept on the bench for color matching purposes.  This group doesn't have the blue on the backs.  The blue patterns are used to denote 10 man groups in the larger 30 man groups.  This is not needed when there are onlyg going to be 10 of them.

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