Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Indy 2013 and musings from the mind of J

Well, its been a month or two since i have made any significant posts. So what the hell have i been doing. In October i began getting a CSM (Nurgle) force together for the Spring. I picked up some units here, some forgeworld there, some khone here, some slaanesh there. But i would say about 80% of my force is Nurgle. I am clocking in at about 6700 points of CSM goodness. I also started a small warband on Nurgle Daemons to ally with, another 2,000 points worth. I guess i got a lottle surprise lately with the C:Daemons comng out so im not sure which will be the mian and which will be the Battle Brother for the spring league.

So Indy. Ryan got me so worked up for this i had to settle on a list. This made my painting become a fulltime job as each week i played i tweaked the list, which resulted in additional painting of units not quite ready. I think everyone is excited. I know i have only played in two small tourney's with a record of 2-3-1, but the GT might be a little more to break off than i can chew. So i have decided on a slow play list with some fast elements to cause havoc.

So my final list consists of
25 zombies
25 zombies
20 zombies
10 zombies
1 heldrake
5 nurgle marked spawn
3 khone marked spawn
3 nurgle marked oblits
2 nurgle marked oblit and an aegis line.

Finally i leave you with a few pics. My paiting continues to get better and evolve. I can now say i have my own style of painting that is not a copy paste from the nets. enjoy..


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