Monday, October 15, 2012

Fleshtearers Librarians are coming

So the Fleshtearers Librarians are back on the field searching for ancient artifacts to CURE or reduce the affect of the Black Rage that has plague all Blood Angels Chapters. His robes are done the same way all my fleshtearers red will be done (follows the Terminator post a few weeks ago) Just changed up the wash pattern a bit, and presto' Dark red for Fleshtearers. Will be nice to get this guy on the field. My half completed scouts made it out two weeks ago and looked nice. No matter how well a model is painted, it does not help on the field other than to draw attention to it. Weird how an all grey army (sprew grey or just primed) mixes in so well and you forget where those pesky IC's are hiding. LOL

Now I went with basic Librirain Blue (not ultra marine blue like most librarians) I mean they are for the Fleshtearers after all and need to be a bit on the dark side. (contrary to the Death Weavers chapter which has all but gone fully to chaos) This still needs some more painting done, but Just wanted to get it up here to show the League what has been going on in my now VARY limited time to paint. I also am thinking on modifing his backpack a bit. I want some sort of banner on there just need to come up with a nice design and make it then. I think he just needs something else that says "Hey guys!!!" lol
I still has this guys has to finish and his pistol (magnetically attached to his pockets) and his backpack. I am hoping to finish all but the base by friday. And I think his axe needs some more detail work. Not happy with the "glow" on it.
I love this models pose. Reading his spell as he casts it looks nice. Either that or its a Comic book to keep him amused on the battlefield.


  1. For safety reasons, he shouldn't probably read witchcraft and swing the axe at the same time. Somebody might get hurt.

  2. I agree. Even a space marine would have trouble with that multi tasking. Awesome looking model though.