Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Flesh Tearers Scouts on the Front

Ok all, Here is the latest 2 hours of work (this is one of 5 models I have painted in 2 hours. All that is left at this point is his shoulder pad Icon (Flesh tearers) and the base. I went with the basic BA Scout pattern, Darkened it up a bit for "Active Duty" and of coarse the standard change to Flesh Tearers army, the Black shoulder pads. Scouts were very quick and easy (all 5 are this pose) so was rather fast. I hope to have the baseing done this week.


For the Cloak I did just a simple "Urban" style camo. Just
 used two shades of green, Two shades of blue, and then I
 used one purple/grey. I think it turned out ok.

By Far the Hardest part of this model was getting the 4
blue/red shades onto his ocular sights on his headband.
Yes there are actually 4 colours there!!!


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  1. Looks good man. I especially like the cloaks. Really cool urban camo.