Monday, August 14, 2017

Damn its a BIG one!

Update that is... So the bi-weekly update is going a little bit better than the weekly version.  This way I have at least sometime to write about each time.  After wrapping up the 10 man gaunt squad a couple of weeks ago I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the warriors or a monster.  I sat at my desk with a bit of painters block.  I really wasn't in the mood to paint more bugs, and the cult are shelved in 8th edition until they get a codex.  Unfortunately they only have genestealer spam which is sub par at best right now.  Plus I really enjoy running the Bugzilla list.  Typically this is when I take a couple days (turns to weeks) of painting.  This time rather than pushing through it and burning out (Fortunately no major events in the next 60 days to cram for) or taking a break and falling behind I grabbed a warmachine solo.  I really liked the model, recently stripped it and figured it would only take a session or 2 to paint up.

 Initially I debated actually painting the model when I got it.  The paint job as ok (actually a 7 compared to most warmachine armies).  I have used the "ebay Pro paint" job as a base coat for other models and it worked out well.  In this case,  I wasn't sure if the detail was lacking (like some PP plastic models) or if it was a sloppy paint job.  Figuring it was a metal model I stripped it to see.  I am glad I did, the armor and face plate had been completely been lost in the previous paint job.  In the end I like the result, I stopped a couple layers short of what I would do for a character.  I love how the cloak looks.  The dirty armor and leather help her to blend in with my other cryx models.

Well if the Siren only took a few days, what the Hell else did I do with my hobby time!?  Well I wasn't quite ready to go back to bugs (relax, they get an update too).  Another gamer was asking how to paint "green ghostly" figures.  While drybrushing lighter shades works well in this case I wanted to try out a couple of techniques.

Overall I am ok with how the model turned out.  Agatha isn't a caster I would normally use, otherwise I would be tempted to redo parts.  I got the effect out of the green without drybrushing, and tried several techniques to find the one I like.  The loose "skins" hanging from the axe and her lower armor would need work, but still an 8 on the warmachine scale.

Yep still going.  I know right, I told you it was going to be a big one.  
BOOM! Since the Warmachine solos don't count toward the paint challenge I figured I better get some bug work in.  Hard to tell but the Tervigon is around the 75% complete mark.  The skill has all 5 layers and the carapace 2.  The last 2 should really make the armor pop.  Its a bad picture to show it, but I painted the emerging gaunt to match the 10 man completed last time.  I also started highlighting the sac flesh to separate it from the main colors, but keep it in the same basic palette.  As long as I keep on track, the first of the monsters will be complete.

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