Monday, October 9, 2017

Well it was hobbymas in September...

Yes it was hobbymas in September, but unfortunately it did not include much painting.  Alas it was an interesting month.  So for the first time in 20 years, there are no marines on my hobby shelf.

I know in a painting blog, it doesn't seem like a big deal, but I have played marines since day 1 of gaming.  I always liked the idea of being a super human in armor.  I still love them, but with 7th there codex is a B+.  I have hopes that with Tyranid codex will be in the B range and they will be playable.  On a competitive level if you don't have a codex you don't have a chance, and even with a codex, right now if its not chaos, its not top table.  If the nids  I did put a some hours on the belly of the Tervigon. 

I really like the stretched skin over the emerging gaunts.  Last step on the August model is the carapace.  Fingers crossed I can get it done.

So what the hell did i do?  Well I doubled my warmachine collection, literally.  I had some hobby money and toyed with the idea of buying the Grymkin army.  I decided instead, mainly since I was having so much fun painting them I would round I my Cryx army.  Besides, its a limited faction, i will be able to whole army as a lot in a couple years.  I had started piecemeal parts in, then found someone selling off their mark 2 collection.   Aside from assembling and organizing the collection, I painted up Skarre 1. 

Here is just before the final stages, I really liked the face at this point.

In the final version I am not a happy with the face. I have a couple ideas from dr. jones on how to highlight the face.  I will post the final version.  I am much happier with the purple on the coat over the last model.  

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