Saturday, April 15, 2017

Woah, its been 30 days...

Man how time flies.  It new I had not posted earlier this month, but forgot the last post was middle of last month.  Well my initial prediction was correct.  At that point I didn't get much farther on the second squad.  In fact it was just yesterday I looked at work table and realized I hadn't painted since before my work trip.  The "oops" moment was then realizing I got back over a week ago.  Looking at the bench panic set in at this point.  Having now only a couple weeks to finish the unit.

So where is were there were on Friday.  This is basically the pre-wash  stage.  Some of the minor details like pouches and rags are not done.  I got all the base layers on, then washed them.

  This is where they currently are.  The pants and details need several layers of highlights yet.  The skin also has another layer to go.  2 weeks to go in the month, I say its 50/50 at this point to stay on the challenge.  The blue part of the skin is done, that is one of the longer segments, but I still have the purple skin to go up 2 more layers and the minor stuff to do. I am really excited to see the squad as a painted 10 man, then the full 15 man. /fingerscrossed