Sunday, April 19, 2015

Long time no see

I've been deep in painting 1000's of points of my own armies with little thought if this blog,

I've painted 2,000 points of white scars
Another 6,000 points of daemons
4 imperial knights
4,000 points of blood angels
3000 points of space wolves
And lots of scenery.

With each new codex it forces me to buy stuff and slam it together for painting.
2014 seen me with a 4th place painting score at adepticon
2014 unknown score at Nova (a whole Nother post abou that bull shit)
Daboyz score in the top 10
And an overall positive W/L record for GTS played
Hopefully I can get some pics up of all this stuff that's occurred and get back on track,
As far as the Cleveland wasteland, we have a few defectors that have went over to gaymachine but for the most part we are still playing 40k weekly and looking forwar to additional change from Gw.

Until next time

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